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How do you feel when more than one person talks to you at once? Or how about when multiple things that need your attention happen at the same time?

Quite confused, I’d imagine.

We’ve learned that when it comes to your videos, website, fliers etc., it’s better to take a laser focus approach with your message or offering.
A confused mind will always say no.
As an example, it’s okay to showcase everything you offer on your website. But if you’re running a promotion it’s much better to direct the traffic to a landing page that promotes only ONE thing, with one, simple call to action. It gets way better results.
And even on your website it’s best avoid “contact us” and “get pricing” and “learn more about X here” all next to each other.
When it comes to what we do, the same applies. We create our videos to direct the viewer in one clear direction.

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