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This weekend I was hanging out with a friend I haven’t seen in a while and we got to speaking about online business and marketing. He’s a sculptor, but he’s keen to make some extra money online. In my excitement to help him I fell straight into the trap I thought I’d learned to avoid by now – technobabble!

What is “technobabble”? Technobabble is when you talk using technical and specialized words in a field, or slang, rendering yourself incomprehensible. I immediately realized my mistake when his eyes glazed over and he asked me to slow down.

I did and explained the terms to him, but found myself launching into more technobabble right after that. It’s so easy to do that when you get excited! And most of us tend to do it when we’re trying to explains something about our work, passions or business.

That’s why stories are such a great tool to get your point across, rather than launching into the technicalities. Someone who doesn’t know much about it most likely isn’t interest in the intricate workings anyway. They’ll be much more interested in a story about how it’s helped you, or your experience with it. This is true in social situations and in business. Your wife would rather know how nice it feels to drive in a new Mustang and not about the horsepower and amount of gears… (forgive my ignorance in coming up with a good example, haha!)

Which message have you had trouble getting across easily? We’d love to help you tell you story with video.

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